Group Training Programme

Small Group training

Join our small group training class where we’ll train hard and see real results while having fun like a team!

8-Week Training Programme

Intensive 8-week training

Our certified trainers will create a Personalized 8 Week Program for you based on your fitness goals, health and physical ability. Your training routine will be broken up into two parts, one for weeks 1 thru 4 and another for weeks 5 thru 8. The intensity will increase over the last 4 weeks to help ensure you’re pushing your body to the limit and transforming into a better YOU! An iImprove trainer will do a weekly follow-up to stay connected with you throughout your journey, and answer any questions, comments or concerns.

One-on-One Training Programme

One-on-One Training

Need a personal trainer? Experience our One on One training package with an iImprove trainer and gain knowledge on proper technique, perform a variety of exercises specific to your goal, keep you motivated and plenty more. The package includes 8 one-hour training sessions, 1 consultation session, nutritional guidance and coaching throughout the duration of our training schedule. Your trainer will be 100% dedicated to helping you improve and reach your fitness goal!